My Fiction

Welcome to my fiction page. Below, find links to a short story and also an excerpt from my unpublished middle grade novel. I plan to add links to more of my fiction in the near future. Please visit often for updates.

In 2003, I finished writing my first middle grade fantasy novel. Now in its tenth revision, you can read an excerpt from its prologue here. I am currently shopping agents to represent (and I hope find a publisher for) this book, and the working title is Kingdom of Secrets.

In 2004, I published my second short story, “Stranded” in the University of North Florida’s literary journal Fiction Fix, Volume 2. Today, Fiction Fix is exclusively online, and Volume 2 is out of print. Here you can download the Smashwords edition of “Stranded” to any eReader.

3 thoughts on “My Fiction

  1. [...] of what is currently titled Kingdom of Secrets. Read below, or download the PDF from the My Fiction page, and then let me have [...]

  2. I tried to purchase your story but it said there was an error. Have others had the same problem? I’ll try to find out if it’s a Smashwords problem. Good luck!

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